Insignia from CityPride Ltd.

Insignia from CityPride Ltd.

The emblem hangs from a red, white and black ribbon. The black color symbolizes the jail bars that in later years held the accused while waiting for their hearing or serving their term. It also is for the Bible on which many law- enforcement officers took their Oath of Office. The white symbolizes the loyalty to the oath these men took to uphold the laws of Colonial and Antebellum America. The red symbolizes the courage of those appointed or deputized to uphold the laws to protect the innocent.

You may request a gold arch or bar for your ancestor’s name on the large insignia, either of which can be worn at the top of the ribbon. Be sure to indicate which you prefer. If you have supplemental ancestors, you may want your original on the arch and the supplemental ancestors on bars below it.

Stars representing an ancestor can be worn on the large insignia ribbon, miniature insignia ribbon, or on an officer’s neck ribbon. The star replaces the ancestor arch or bar.

A Recognition Pin, which is the same size as the Miniature Insignia, can be worn on a lapel.

Officer Bars and Committee Rider Bars are available for both the National Officer and National Chairman pins.



Members are entitled to wear the insignia of the Society (shown above), as indicated below:

  • A badge, (far right), may consist of an arched bar which can be either a black Founding Officer or Founding Member Bar, or an arched gold-plated Ancestor Bar or a rectangular gold-plated Ancestor Bar and a Large gold-plated Insignia.
  • The star, (left), is in place of an ancestor bar. The stems are placed through the ribbon and then opened as shown to keep the star in place on the ribbon.
  • The Miniature Insignia, (middle), is as shown.
  • The Recognition Pin, (bottom left), is as shown.