Sheriffs & Constables is offering a scholarship to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Criminal Justice.  An essay must be submitted to our Scholarship Chairman by January 10, 2017 to qualify. The essay topic will usually be on colonial or antebellum criminal justice or the history during the periods concerning law enforcement. This year, a selection of two topics is being offered.

Scholarship Essay Requirements

Subject: “The Peace Officer’s Role in Taking a Case to Jury in Colonial America”
+++++++++++++(with information kept between these dates, 1620 – 1784)

Eligibility: Must be enrolled in a Criminal Justice Program and provide a proof of such study.

Content: 1500 word minimum; cited sources two of which are not internet

Award: ++$1,000.00

Deadline: POSTMARKED on or before January 10, 2017

Send to:Jane R. Power, FSA Scot
Scholarship Chairman
2705 Country Valley Road
Garland, TX 75043-1119

Cover Sheet: stating the following information must accompany the essay

  • Student’s Name
    • Address
    • Online contact information or phone number
  • School attending
    • A transcript or other proof of enrollment in a Criminal Justice Program must be included in the packet.

Winners: We will announce the winners at our April, 2017 meeting.

Please contact me with any questions you might have at:

**Submitting an essay gives the Society the right to publish such essay on the Society web site and/or in the Society newsletter.